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Fence repairs can provide temporary fixes until you can replace your fence or, in many cases can add many years to the life of your fence.

Cedar posts will typically begin to show signs of dry rot long before the body of the fence is ready to go. Broken posts can be replaced by digging out the old post and concrete, setting a new post in concrete and reattaching the existing fence for much cheaper than replacing your fence. 

 We are able to make it worth repairing in nearly every case. The winds in our area make it necessary to keep these repairs cost effective.  We do post replacements for $100 a post.

We have a mobile welder which allows us to repair ornamental, steel and chain link fences on site even when it may seem damaged beyond repair.

We specialize in repairing all types of fence and gates in all kinds of situations.  If it can't be repaired we'll be happy to quote a new fence to include the removal of your old fence.

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